Childcare Software for Easy Communication between Parents, Teachers and Directors

Keep parent and teachers up to date

Keep Parents Up-to-Date

Share information between childcare and parents about daily event logs, plans, news, presence and more.

Report presence

Report Presence

Parents can easily report presence, the childcare can easily summarize and teachers can confirm attendance and absence.

Teamwork and information sharing

Teacher Teamwork

All teachers and management have up-to-date information from anywhere.


Daily Log

Teachers input the days events for each child in the logbook. Parents can access their child’s data for each day. A replacement for paper based daily sheets.

Invitation and RSVP

Invitations (RSVP)

The childcare admin or teacher can invite parents to events. Parents can report their attendance and refreshment wishes.

Cancel subscription any time

Cancel Anytime

You use the OmniKidz app on a subscription basis. You can cancel at anytime without any obligations.

App runs on any device Any device.

Any Device

The OmniKidz daycare app runs on any device with a web browser, PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

Sell and donate

Classified Ads

On the OmniKidz platform you can place classified ads to sell or donate your child’s clothes, shoes, toys and sports equipment.

Lost and found

Lost and Found

Lost and found items can easily be reported by teachers or parents and searched for on the platform.



Remind parents about presence reporting, invitations, special events and more.

Secure and encrypted


Security is important. All data and communication is encrypted. Role based system for restricted access.

Activity schedule

Activity Schedule

Plan and show the daily and weekly plan for a specific child group within your daycare. Both teachers and parents can access this. You decide who can access.

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Keep me updated

Get Started in Three Easy Steps:

1. Register

As childcare director, simply click on the register button in the Menu and input a few simple data to register a free account for your daycare.

2. Input or import your data

Easily input or import data about the parents and children that belong to your childcare.

3. Start Using OmniKidz

Now you can invite parents and start using the application. If you need more features you can upgrade and you can also cancel at anytime without any costs or commitments.

Available Features of the Childcare Web App

Daycare Software Overview

Below are a few of the features and benefits provided by the OmniKidz childcare web app software. For Teachers For Directors For Parents Take attendance All of the teacher features See your childs dayly activity Check allergies See where the teachers

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How To Get Started

How it Works

OmniKidz provides a website and webapp to connect parents and childcares as well as internally between teachers and daycare management. How it works: The childcare administrator signs up with OmniKidz and gets a free account. Thechildcare administrator inputs or imports children,

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Simplifies my life

We have used OmniKidz in our daycare center and it has improved our efficiency and with less stress. I highly recommend OmniKidz web application for kindergartens.

Steve Slim Manager

Saves us time

Every day I save a lot of time as everything is organized in one place and the information sharing between us teachers, our supervisors and the parents is very smooth.

Linda P. Dagiset Ugglan

No more hassle

Before we had to report our children's presence every month on a specific paper form. We often missed the deadline, lost the paper or didn't have any empty special forms left at home. Now we report in one minute online. And if we forget, we get a reminder.

Argentine Parent

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